Circular Measures and Products

AIN Acoustic insulation

Noise affects people’s well-being and has important consequences for their health. Sound insulation of buildings eliminates disturbance caused by common impact noise as well as airborne noise.



Rock mineral wool with Ecose Technology

The Rock Mineral Wool slabs offer exceptional fire performance characteristics, as well as excellent thermal and acoustic properties and they count with the ECOSE® Technology for the binder with no added Formaldeheyde, low product emissions, low embodied energy and no artificial dyes added. 


Glass mineral wool with Ecose Technology

The Glass Mineral Wool is made up to 80% recycled glass, is lightweight, easily installed and provides outstanding thermal insulation as well as good acoustic performance and they count with the ECOSE® Technology for the binder with no added Formaldeheyde, low product emissions, low embodied energy, no artificial dyes added.

Heraklith – Wood wool insulation panels

Heraklith Wood Wool panels are lightweight, easy and time-saving to install, and made mainly with wood certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).



Impact sound insulation materials

The Regupol comfort Range includes CE-certified impact sound insulation products made of elastomer composites and an elastic, mass-increasing levelling fill. It was developed for solid timber construction and refurbishment projects, in which existing installation heights can lead to limitations.

ATI Building airtightness

Building airtightness is the elimination of all unintended gaps and cracks on the external envelope of the building. Airtightness is an essential part of creating a healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient living environment.

Airtight construction not only saves a lot of money in the long term, but also increases living comfort. The main advantages are: save energy and heating costs which means less CO2 emissions, no structural damage due to hidden mould, better indoor air quality (dust, pollen, odours), less pollutants from outside, ventilation systems work more efficiently and better sound insulation.



Homeseal LDS portfolio

Knauf Insulation Homeseal LDS portfolio includes 100% recyclable breather and vapour control membranes, with system sealing tapes and kits to ensure airtightness of building envelope on the internal and external side.


Insulating profiles

The insulating profiles made of polyamide 66 are designed to improve the thermal separation for windows, doors and facades made of aluminum and in this way contribute to the thermal insulation of the composite elements both in summer and winter.

AUT Home and building automation

Having an intelligent house or building that uses tools such as domotics is a decision that brings not only personal benefits, but also collective ones and helps to make society aware of sustainability and the environment. The main objective of home automation is to provide comfort, well-being and security to all members of the family. Here, family habits and routines are merged with the system of lights, heating, locks, air conditioning and irrigation systems, among others, to contribute directly to energy saving and ecology. 


Sense – Nature-smart IoT connection

PHYSEE SENSE digitises your building into a digital twin and we equip your building with SmartWindows. This allows them to generate a continuous understanding of the impact of the outdoor climate on the indoor climate. PHYSEE implement thier nature-smart building management platform that turns your building into a living, healthy and sustainable smart building:

  • Reduce energy consumption with up to 30%
  • Drastically improve comfort and well-being
  • Reduce productivity losses with up to 20%
  • Have the insights to become a smart organisation


BIG Biogas production



Solids from blackwater and organic waste from kitchens and gardens can be used to produce biogas. The generated biogas can be used for cooking or heating. The gas is stored in inflatable and impermeable fabrics. This energy storage can be further used for potential grid injection, or combustion in a natural gas boiler and can support the NZEB or passive house claim to reach full autonomy even in winter months.



Anaerobic biogas digestor

HomeBiogas develops biogas systems. The anaerobic system decomposes waste (kitchen waste, animal manure, and human waste)  and transforms it into renewable biogas for cooking and into liquid bio-fertilizer.

BIO Biobased materials

A bio-based material is a material made from substances derived from living (or once-living) organisms. Using building materials based on natural and renewable sources is more sustainable and circular than materials based on finite and/or carbon intensive exploitation.



Heraklith – Wood wool insulation panels

Heraklith Wood Wool panels are lightweight, easy and time-saving to install, and made mainly with wood certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).



alfaWALL – Prefabricated straw modules

Okambuva is a company that has developed prefabricated straw panels for construction, suitable as load-bearing elements and envelope that meet current energy efficiency standards and are produced with local and nearby resources.


Wooden exterior cladding

Wood building provider that can be used for building houses and/or covering surfaces like floors, ceilings, internal walls, facades, terraces and fences.

> Tarkett

Tarkett Linoleum Flooring

Tarkett Lino flooring is made of renewable and biobased materials like linseed oil, pine rosin, wood and cork flour and jute and is designed to be fully recyclable even after use. Originale is a linoleum flooring protected with Essenza+ (acrylic finish). Elafono is a cork underlay and is designed to give additional sound reduction and comfort underfoot.

BMP Building materials passport


Materials passports contain information about the quality, origins and location of materials and products used in the construction of buildings and other construction objects. All in such a way that owners and/or managers of real estate and infrastructure always have up-to-date information on the financial and circular value, toxicity, demountability and reuse potential of the materials and products applied in their properties.



Digital Building Materials Passport tool

A platform for the registration, organisation, documentation, storage and exchange of data regarding any materials, components and products used by the construction industry at such a high level of detail that the materials consumed in the economy can remain available to future generations, through circularity and the circular economy.

BPH Biophilia


Biophilia is our sense of connection with nature. It can change human attitude, behaviors and positively reduce the so-called ‘Sick building syndrome’, whereby people suffer from health symptoms linked to the buildings in which they spend time. The biophilic patterns can be designed for several purposes, such as lowering the temperature of indoor spaces, removing VOC particles, improving air cooling, and cleaning indoor and outdoor water.




Stone-fiber based products

Urbanscape products retain water in the soil and reduce the water consumption. Green cubes, flocks and rolls are made of natural mineral fibres with no additives or binders.


Jiffy Pot DK2C

The Jiffy Pot DK2C is manufactured from peat, wood pulp and a little lime in order to adjust the pH of the peat. The products are available in many different designs and sizes. The purpose of the product is to propagate and grow plants. The pots are designed to be planted directly into the earth and to disappear after some time.

COM Compost production

Kitchen scraps, yard waste and/or stabilised blackwater from anaerobic digestion systems can be used as compost for local gardening, substituting or competing with commercial compost.



Anaerobic digestor

A system for your waste management, energy generation and organic fertilizer needs. Through the biodigestion the bacteria break down organic waste, like food scraps and animal manure, producing biogas. Bacteria in the digester also produce organic, liquid bio-fertilizer. The bio-fertilizer flows freely so you can easily collect and use it on your crops.


Blackwalls Compost Converter

Low-maintenance composter with good capacity. It deals efficiently with all types of food and garden waste. Made from 100 per cent-recycled plastic. Comes with a three-year warranty. It needs to be placed on soil or grass as the relatively small amount of liquid produced during composting drains from the base. Site in partial or full shade.

CWM Circular waste management



Construction and demolition belong to the five priority areas to be tackled in the context of the European circular economy. It is the built environment where the majority of the European waste production originates, in form of construction and demolition waste, wastewater and organic waste. Circular economy principles allow for the implementation and incorporation of waste management into economically viable and sustainable solutions that convert retrofit investments from a liability into an asset.


> ITeC

TCQi – Environmental model management programme

Optimal management of waste at the end of building life cycle. An analysis of maximum recovery and valorization potential of existing materials in buildings (i.e., envelope, facade, etc.) at refurbishment or demolition stages. The solution provides with demolition guides to guarantee safety management of waste streams.


Circular waste management service

CoCircular offers an integral service of circular waste management for developers, construction companies, engineering firms and architecture studios. They also certify the traceability of construction waste until its actual recovery.

DES Desmountable and/or prefabricated products

Circular materials can be used to produce prefabricated, fully reusable buildings. It can be done by designing reusable building components to be produced in automated BIM controlled production processes. Prefab plug & play solutions have proven to be effective to come to a:

  • Reduction of both renovation time on site and costs.
  • Reduction of disturbance for occupants during the renovation works.
  • Quality improvement by better quality control during the production process (then on-site works).



Timber frame prefab panels

Timbeco prefab solutions are designed for the construction or renovation of buildings. They offer a standard solution (Timbeco Modular System) or tailor-made projects. The solutions are based on modularity and can be customized as your needs change.



Prefab timber panels

WEBO produces timber frame elements for residential and non-residential construction projects. Thanks to an automated production process, WEBO is able to assemble timber frame construction elements at the construction site within a minimal lead time.


Straw prefab wall panels

EcoCocon straw wall panels consist of 98% straw and timber. Together with an interior clay plaster, an exterior airtight membrane and a protective layer of wood fibre board, the system is Passivhaus standard certified, achieving the U-value of 0.123 W/m2K. The entire system is vapour-permeable and provides exceptional indoor comfort. The panel types include braced panels, lintels, sills, columns, and inclined gable wall elements. They are made of locally sourced natural materials that do not undergo any chemical treatment during the production process. Precision-cut and prefabricated, panels are designed for quick and easy assembly, only requiring basic carpentry tools.


Prefab wood houses

Prefab wood house builders with the mission to provide sustainable and ecological construction services at competitive prices using the best resources available – skilled specialists, modern technology, and materials safe for the environment and people.


Bio screws – Ground Screw

A cost-effective alternative, high quality range of fixed length ground screws providing everyday foundation solutions for a wide range of general applications. Sizes available in 800mm to 1200mm. These screws can be installed without the need for specialist machinery.


Magtruss Easi-Joists – Floor joist

Metal web (or Open web) joists, Easi-Joists® are a relatively new product to the Irish and UK markets which utilise the combined strength properties of timber and steel to produce an extremely strong and very light weight engineered solution for floor joists. Not only does Easi-Joist® outperform solid sawn timber in span and dimensional stability, the added benefits of a greater bearing area and the open web system, make them easier to install for the carpenter.

EBP Reusing existing building products and recycled materials

Reusing existing building materials can reduce emissions, but also help to retain the value of buildings over their lifetime and support the local economy.
To increase reuse it is necessary to maximize the amount of valuable materials recovered by increasing the acceptance of Construction and Demolation Waste CDW – based products. E.g. CDW-derived materials can be effectively reintroduced in the production cycles of concrete and timber components with a replacement rate of 50-85 %.


Mat Map

Recycled construction materials wholesaler

MatMap’s philosophy consists of renewing the productive model of the construction sector, making it more sustainable. For this reason, we work to connect professionals who have recovered construction materials, work leftovers, leftover stock or ecological materials, with anyone who wants to apply them to their projects.


Recycled construction materials wholesaler

Rotor Deconstruction is a cooperative based in Brussels, that organises the reuse of construction materials. They dismantle, process and trade salvaged building components. Rotor DC seeks to collaborate with contractors, non-profits and other companies, and to become a central part of a regional ecosystem for large scale reuse of building materials.


Geocell Grey – Foam Glass Gravel

Recycled glass manufactured foam glass gravel is a high-quality insulating material made of 100% recycled glass. The product is environmentally friendly, economical and completely petro-chemical free. Geocell foam glass gravel exhibits dual characteristics of insulation and drainage.


Medite Tricoya Extreme – Lining boards

MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME Durable MDF is a groundbreaking construction material. Added benefits of light weight, sustainable raw materials and a guarantee of up to 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground.

Medite SmartPly – Lining boards

SMARTPLY Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is manufactured by compressing precisely engineered strands of woods with exterior resins. Is made from sustainable, fast-growing timber, as we only use forest thinnings of new-growth pine and spruce, including the tops which are not used to make any other wood-based product.

Medite MDF – Lining boards

MDF (medium density fibreboard) made of wood fibres pressed with the resins. Our MDF panels consist of 40% wood chip and 60% by-product, which means there are far less imperfections.

ECP Ecological paints

An ecological paint is made from principally vegetable or mineral-based raw materials which are renewable and non-toxic. An ecological paint therefore has a limited impact on the environment and is characterised by its absence of toxic substances for the user.


Titan Natural Paint 

TITAN NATURAL is a range of ‘no mineral’ paints and coatings based on last technology biomass emulsions. Especially designed for use in construction and decoration. Suitable for walls and ceilings, facades, interior and exterior use.


Ekotex Ecologisch interior wall paint

The interior wallpaint is made with biobased resources. For construction, restoration and repainting. Designed to be streak-free and suitable for offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, health resorts, living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, etc.

EEW Energy efficient windows

It is recommended the double-glazed casement, tilt-and-turn windows and HR+++ or HR++ glass (3 or 2 panes of glass separated by an insulating gas). Very well insulated windows help save energy and increase comfort.

> Kozijnshop 

Wood-aluminum window  frames 

Low maintenance wood and aluminum tilt-and-turn windows. The advantages of aluminum and wood are combined in one single frame.


Recycled aluminum window

Heroal Aluminum window systems are designed for various applications and certified by the Institute of Window Technology in Germany. Due to modular profile systems, U-values for different requirement up to passive house are possible.


Aluminium curtain wall system

The AA 100 Q aluminium curtain wall system of Kawneer is designed for simple set up and mount and a large number of possible variations. Variable configurations include: type of water drainage, compartment or channel drainage, and which cover strips to use for the outside of the facade. Different facade solutions are possible in terms of design, anti-theft, fire resistance and (hidden) movable parts.


Wooden windows, doors, and frames

A Vihrea product is composed of high-quality and durable materials and components. All Vihrea products are certified and randomly tested by the SKH-SHR. Affiliated carpentry factories produce and supply the concept. They adhere to the concept and prescribed components of the Vihrea partners.


Munster Joinery – Low energy

Windows designed for unprecedented performance and exceptional aesthetics, with options available for every style of home in a variety of materials including timber. We offer windows in casement, tilt and turn, sliding sash and fully revolving systems; We offer single doors, french door sets, sliding doors, bi-fold doors and more.

ESM Energy smart meters

A smart meter is another way you can potentially reduce your carbon footprint. Utilising one you can easily see how much energy you are using via a digital display, and so adapt your energy use accordingly. It also cuts out having to send meter readings to your energy company or have someone come to your house.


Wibeee Home

Wibeee Home Cloud it’s a platform designed for the visualization of household electric consumption in an easy and intuitive way. It allows knowing the individualized consumption of each domestic appliance and detecting savings opportunities. Wibeee offers three lines of product for your house: One, Box and Plug. With them you can adapt to all types of installations and different electrical appliances, to have total control of your energy consumption. The Wibeee Plug it’s an electricity meter in pulg format. The Wibeee One is a electricity meter in compact format. Wibeee Box is a electricity meter with clamps.

GRW Green walls and roofs

A green roof or facade buffers and absorbs rainwater, insulates the home, increases biodiversity and reduces the heat island effect. Evaporating water cools the home and makes solar panels more efficient.



Green wall

iPanel Integral system for green walls with a proper bigdata based management system


Ecologic green roof, green wall

They reduce the interior temperature of a building in summer to 5ºC, as well as keep it in winter, saving up to € 500 / m2 per year (Akira Hoyano, profesor del Tokyo Institute of Technology).


Climate sensitive green roof and green walls

Urbanscape Green Roof System – an innovative, lightweight and easy to install system with high water retention capacity, designed for green roofs on residential, non-residential and industrial buildings in urban areas.

Urbanscape Green wall is the integration of plants and water with built form.


Ecologic green roof, green wall

They reduce the interior temperature of a building in summer to 5ºC, as well as keep it in winter, saving up to € 500 / m2 per year (Akira Hoyano, profesor del Tokyo Institute of Technology).

HCG Hot water, Heat and/or cold generation



It is important to replace Domestic Hot Water, heating and cooling systems using fossil fuels with others using renewable energy. It is advisable to install electrical systems and combine them with renewable energies.

Biomass heating is also a desirable low-carbon heating option because the carbon dioxide emitted when wood is burned is the same amount that was absorbed while the tree was growing. This process is sustainable so long as new plants continue to grow in place of those used for fuel. Meanwhile, the carbon emissions due to cultivation, manufacture and transportation will still be much lower than emissions from fossil fuels if you use a local source.



iCEM – Intregrated Climate energy module

Factory Zero is focused on the development of components for high energy efficient retrofits and new builds. The iCEM is a compact, integrated Climate Energy Module that provides the home with a conditioned indoor climate (ventilation, heating and hot tap water). Optionally, the iCEM can be expanded with PV panels (to be installed externally), a matching inverter and cooling function.


Biomass boiler

Woodco is a world leader in design and manufacture of a wide range of Biomass Boiler systems for homes, farms, hospitality and other businesses.


Technical solutions: Thermo-tek and Fire-teK 

Knauf Insulation’s Thermo-teK® and Fire-teK® are mineal wool products for technical thermal insulation and passive fire protection in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). They use formaldehyde-free binding agent ECOSE® Technology. It allows to reduce energy consumption during manufacture and improve the energy balance of the finished product, thus providing excellent indoor air quality.


Showersave – Wastewater heat recovery unit

Simple, effective energy saving product that is incredibly cost effective and requires zero maintenance. It recoveries the heat energy contained in the waste water being thrown down the drain.

HRW Harvesting rainwater


There are many types of rainwater recycling systems, from the most simple water butt for garden use to a system that offers complete self-sufficiency without the need for utility mains water or sewage connections.
A typical system, somewhere in the middle of this range, will supply untreated rainwater for toilet, outside use and laundry. Water is collected from the roof, fed through a filter into a storage tank.



Rainwater harvesting

With rainwater harvesting, a productive source is available in many areas of the world, providing you with free water of excellent quality. The water can be used for garden irrigation, cleaning, flushing toilets, and more.



Funke D-Raintank

The D-Raintank retents water below the ground and soaks it away. It combines an extremely high storage capacity with great stability for underground use. The individual tanks can be laid in various ways depending on the space situation. Country-specific regulations must be taken into account when using rainwater harvesting attenuation systems. Its made of recycled high density polyproylene HDPP.


Rainwater harvesting marketplace

Environmental XPRT is a global environmental industry marketplace and information resource. Rainwater Harvesting Companies (Water and Wastewater) serving Europe can be found in the companies database.

IAP Indoor air purification

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the air quality within and around buildings and structures. IAQ is known to affect the health, comfort, and well-being of building occupants. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to sick building syndrome, reduced productivity, and impaired learning in schools.



Aeroplant – Nature-based air purification

AeroPlant is a nature-based air purification unit using the power of plants to filter and treat air. A low-energy fan actively sucks in air to push it through an absorbing root substrate to then guide it through the plant foliage, releasing fresh and healthy air. AeroPlant also cooles and humidifies air – especially pleasant during winter’s heating season and hot summer days!
Removes harmful pollutants like formaldehyde, benzol etc.

IAQ Indoor air quality

If you want to optimize the air inside the house, air monitoring will offer information about its quality: find out about an adequate device for this, to identify polluting substances and avoid putting your health or comfort at risk. CO2 is exhaled by people and is a suitable indicator to detect when it is necessary to ventilate.



Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor measures temperature, CO2 , humidity and noise. It tells you what you need to adjust to create a healthier enviroment.

LCM Local and/or certified circular materials


It is important to choose certified circular construction materials and products from the different seals available during the design phase that are available as close to the building as possible. The use of certified building circular material will be essential for the improvement of building circularity.


> Cradle to cradle products innovation institute

Cradle o Cradle Certified

Cradle to Cradle Certified® is the global standard for products that are safe, circular and responsibly made. Cradle to Cradle Certified assesses the safety, circularity and responsibility of materials and products across five categories of sustainability performance: material health, product circularity, clean air and climate protection, water and soil stewatdship, social fairness.


Vertua® – Concrete

Vertua® is our new range of low carbon concrete, with bespoke designs enabling embodied carbon reductions greater than 70% versus standard concretes (CEM I). The range can also provide additional benefits including increased durability and aesthetic finishes.

MWC Monitor water consumption

A water meter is another way you can potentially reduce your water consumption. Utilising one you can easily see how much water you are using, and so adapt your water use accordingly.


Amphiro digital hand shower

The only showerhead that displays your hot water consumption while you shower and promotes a conscious use of energy.


RBW Reusing blackwater

Blackwater is wastewater from toilets. It can be separated with retrofitting measures in existing buildings. Blackwater can be used to produce biogas or compost. This can be consumed directly in a building, or else sold for a profit.


LOOPI – Blackwater treatment system

Alchemia-nova´s green walls run on wastewater, using contaminants as plant nutrients, thereby cleaning the water for re-use. “LooPi – the plant-based public urinal for all genders” is a combination of wastewater management and green infrastructure: wastewater is treated via the integrated green wall and re-used for flushing.

RES Renewable energies

It is important to replace Domestic Hot Water, heating and cooling systems using fossil fuels with others using renewable energy. It is advisable to install electrical systems and combine them with renewable energies. 24 m² of solar panels (south) convert solar energy into 4,800 kWh of electricity that can be used in the home or fed back to the main grid. Roofs with a southeasterly to southwesterly orientation are often very suitable for PV panels.


BIPV – Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Photovoltaic modules architectonic integration, also named “Solar Architecture” or “BIPV” (Building Integrated Photovoltaics), is defined as the installation of those photovoltaic modules that keep a double function; energetic and architectonic (coating, enclosure or shading) and replace conventional constructive elements too or can be constituents elements of the architectonic composition.


Glass-glass solar modules for building integrated photovoltaic panels 

High quality and efficient glass-glass solar modules that can be used for various applications such as rooftops, façades, carports, and ground-mounted.


Swift Rooftop Wind Energy System

Silent rooftop-mountable wind turbine, capable of providing a cost-effective renewable energy source for domestic, community and industrial use. The SWIFT can be grid-connected for embedded power generationor alternatively linked to an immersion water heating system. Rated power output at 12 m/s: 1.5kW. Start-up speed: 2.3 m/s’.


Compact water heater and solar panel

The ‘compact’ systems have the solar collector and the water tank together. It is a passive system, which means that no pump or other external devices are necessary. It is a very good solution, if we do not have electricity available. The water is heated up directly by the solar collector, with almost no losses in the heat transfer from the solar panel to the water storage tank. The compact system is more simple (less components) and economical than a pumped one.

RGW Reusing greywater

Greywater is wastewater from non-toilet plumbing systems, such as wash basins, washing machines or showers. It can be separated with retrofitting measures in existing buildings. Greywater can be treated using innovative nature-based solutions for indoor application in multi-level green walls with minimum energy cost (<1.5kWh/m3) and disinfected using commercial O3/UV systems for >90% water reuse.



VertECO – Vertical constructred ecosystem for greywater tratment

The vertECO technology treats waste/greywater within a vertically constructed plant-based wetland. The underlying principle is the employment of specific plant species in a special sequence to encourage the cleansing of polluted water through microbiological activity occurring in the root-zone.


Greywater recycling

The complete system for greywater recycling in single-family homes treats 300 l of greywater / day, is NSF350-Class certified and is delivered to you almost ready for connection on a pallet.

RHF Radiant heating floor



Radiant systems heat the floor, and that heat radiates up and is absorbed by other objects in the room, helping to warm the entire space efficiently.



Ideal Eco underfloor heating

Recycled 30mm wood fibre, panel-based underfloor heating system. Jupiter Ideal Eco is the one of the very few underfloor heating systems made from an entirely natural product. Rather than being made from polystyrene, the 30mm thick IDEAL ECO system panels are made from fibrous wood waste. 

As well as being manufactured from a sustainable material the system also provides acoustic deadening qualities in one product where otherwise additional products or services would be required.

RUW Reuse of un-segregated water



Wastewater can be combined in one single pipe with kitchen-shred organic waste from all floors of an existing building. The liquid fraction of this combined WW can be separated from the solid fraction with a separation unit. The liquid fraction can be treated with NBS indoor allowing >95% water reuse. The effluent water can further be disinfected and used for toilet flushing, urban gardening and compost production. The solid fraction can be used for biogas production.


Bio-Toilet Kit

The HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet Kit is a superior alternative to regular compost toilets. It frees you to live in a self-sustainable manner by turning your waste into cooking gas. Using an anaerobic system it decomposes waste and transforms it into renewable biogas for cooking. It’s easy to install, safe, hassle-free, off-grid, environmentally friendly.

SHW Shading

In the summer months, overheating can occur since direct sunlight enters through the windows. It is important to avoid the latter, by using sunscreens such as overhangs, slats, awnings, blackout curtains or deciduous vegetation.


Blinds and Sun Louvre Systems

Hunter Douglas blinds have been designed for easy mounting, smooth operation, reliability, and exceptional durability. The system EOS® 500 features a modular design for small to large Roller Blind sizes. EOS® Plissé and Duette® Shades cover fixed, sliding and tilt&turn windows. Hunter Douglas provides architects the knowledge and expertise to integrate blinds or other Sun Control Systems into the building architecture.


Roller shade system

Mecho/5 Manual Shade System is a manual window shade lift system that works in standard commercial window applications and performs exceptionally well with large or multi-banded shades. Mecho/5x Manual Shade System is able to lift larger, heavier commercial grade solar shades. Mecho/7 Manual Shade System is a customizable lift assist mechanism.


ElectroShade motorized roller

ElectroShade motorized roller shade systems provide power and performance to create an optimal shade lift experience that is smooth and quiet. They include networked components and flexible control options designed to be configured for on-or-off-site operation and to maximize building and occupant performance.


Versoleil™ SunShade Outrigger System for curatin wall

The Versoleil™ SunShade Outrigger System is a sunshade system pre-engineered for multiple Kawneer curtain wall systems. The system is designed to provide increased aesthetics, shading, and energy-saving potential through dozens of combinations of outriggers, louver blades, and fascia caps. Blade options are highly configurable and designed to provide shading and energy-saving potential.

TIN Thermal Insulation

There are several ways to insulate buildings, both on the inside and outside (best option), and both of them will achieve a remarkable reduction in energy consumption, with greater comfort and lower costs. In existing buildings, roof insulation is often installed between purlins. Facade insulation can be improved by filling the cavity in the wall with insulation, but to create a well-insulated facade the most common solutions are insulating panels.



Rock mineral wool with Ecose Technology

The Rock Mineral Wool slabs offer exceptional fire performance characteristics, as well as excellent thermal and acoustic properties and they count with the ECOSE® Technology for the binder with no added Formaldeheyde, low product emissions, low embodied energy and no artificial dyes added. 

Glass mineral wool with Ecose Technology

The Glass Mineral Wool is made up to 80% recycled glass, is lightweight, easily installed and provides outstanding thermal insulation as well as good acoustic performance and they count with the ECOSE® Technology for the binder with no added Formaldeheyde, low product emissions, low embodied energy, no artificial dyes added.

Heraklith – Wood wool insulation panels

Heraklith Wood Wool panels are lightweight, easy and time-saving to install, and made mainly with wood certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).



Rainscreen systems and ventilated facades

Customised solutions for rainscreen systems or ventilated facades in response to specific requests and problems, by engineering and implementing all kinds of architectural ideas in the field of building envelope design.


Isolgreen natural fibres thermal insulation

The Isolgreen® product range is based on recycling natural fibres used to manufacture insulation for the construction trade. Applications include façades and outer walls, wooden floors, partition walls or roofs. Isolgreen® is designed to meet acoustic and thermal insulation requirements.


Woodfiber AIR loose-fill insulation

Woodfiber AIR is a loose-fill insulation material made from wooden fibres, meant for installation in horizontal as well as vertical constructions. The product is suitable for new buildings as well as for renovation projects.


Ecocel cellulose

Ecocel is an eco-friendly home insulation product made from recycled newspapers.This cellulose is suitable for the insulation of Timber Framed Homes, Attics and Lofts. Application is suitable not just for new homes, but also for retrofitting old homes, apartments and commercial buildings.


Gutex wood fibre – Range of wood fibre boards external internal insulating

Wood fibre insulation product. The raw materials comes solely from wood harvested and grown using sustainable forestry management practices. GUTEX uses exclusively untreated spruce and fir chips and shavings that are by-products produced by other timber manufacturing processes.

THE Thermostats



Thermostats favour both energy efficiency and comfort, they program temperature level and turn-on/turn-off times correctly. With a smart thermostat, you can control your home’s heating remotely with a smartphone or tablet. You can programme your heating to come on at a certain time, at a particular temperature and in the rooms of your choice. Some of them can even work out how long it takes to heat your home as well, taking into account the outside temperature, meaning you can really nail maximum cosiness just in time for when you arrive home.

Not only does having a smart thermostat make controlling your heating system more convenient, it should also save you energy and money as you can programme the heating to come on only when you need it.



Wired and Wireless Smart Thermostats

The products is valid for boilers without thermostat or boilers connected to a wired or wireless thermostat to be replaced by a new smart thermostat. It will control your heating with the tado° app. It is available for apartments and independent homes. Compatible for almost all heating systems from different manufacturers.


Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Thermostat for boiler and heating 

Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Thermostat that connects to your boiler to control, program and automate the temperature of your home. It schedule and create automations and scenes to intelligently regulate the temperature and reduce the energy consumption of your home Manual / Automatic temperature regulation. Adjustable temperature range from 5ºC to 35ºC. With frost protection and open windows function.

VEN Ventilation

A good ventilation ensures healthy air quality and comfort in the home. Besides, if a heat recovery system is installed, rather than just extracting air and replacing it with the air from outside, the system draws the heat from the extracted air and passes it to the air which is being filtered in from outside. The extract and supply air do not flow within the same pipes and there would be no cross contamination of the different air flows. 


ComfoAir ventilation solutions

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery ComfoAir combines a channel counter flow heater exchanger with the very latest in low energy dc silent fan technology achieving the very highest standards. Energy from the outgoing air is transferred to the incoming air. This works both ways so if the outside temperature is higher than inside the exchanger helps to maintain a constant pleasant climate. It uses high quality large surface area filters that ensure a clean air supply. A properly tuned comfort ventilation system prevents CO2 build up with out the need to open windows. It can be fitted in suspended ceilings, horizontally in boxing over kitchen cupboards, vertically in a larder unit, or a utility room or garage. They can supply ventilation demands from 30 to 6000m³/h.



TQ-Air Heat recovery ventilation ducts

TQ-Air is an insulated and round ducting system for indoor cold/fresh air distribution applied in Heat Recovery Ventilation systems. The rigid and light weight ducting system is designed to integrate both thermal and acoustic insulation in a single pre-fabricated solution. The product consists of polyolefin insulation foam with a vapour tight cell structure in a mechanically strong and impact resistant PE outer casing.


Technical solutions: Thermo-tek and Fire-teK 

Knauf Insulation’s Thermo-teK® and Fire-teK® are mineal wool products for technical thermal insulation and passive fire protection in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). They use formaldehyde-free binding agent ECOSE® Technology. It allows to reduce energy consumption during manufacture and improve the energy balance of the finished product, thus providing excellent indoor air quality.

WSD Water saving devices

Water is considered a renewable natural resource, however, there are factors, such as the inefficient use of water by society, pollution and over-exploitation of the main sources of supply, that lead to situations in which the water cycle water breaks or its quality is not suitable for human consumption, making this essential good a scarce commodity difficult to obtain. Thus, the demands for comfort and hygiene make it necessary to propose viable alternatives for saving water without losing quality, quantity and guarantee of supply.



Saving water products

Three faucets (GROHE BauEdge S-Size, GROHE Eurosmart S-Size, GROHE Eurosmart Kitchen) and the GROHE Tempesta shower rail set are Cradle to Cradle Certified at the Gold level. Moreover, the sustainable impact of GROHE BauEdge and GROHE Eurosmart is enhanced with SilkMove ES technology, where ES stands for energy-saving. The technology prevents the unnecessary use of hot water by supplying only cold water with the faucet lever in the middle position.