Circular Measures and Products

AIN Acoustic insulation

Noise affects people’s well-being and has important consequences for their health. Sound insulation of buildings eliminates disturbance caused by common impact noise as well as airborne noise.



Rock mineral wool with Ecose Technology

The Rock Mineral Wool slabs offer exceptional fire performance characteristics, as well as excellent thermal and acoustic properties and they count with the ECOSE® Technology for the binder with no added Formaldeheyde, low product emissions, low embodied energy and no artificial dyes added. 


Glass mineral wool with Ecose Technology

The Glass Mineral Wool is made up to 80% recycled glass, is lightweight, easily installed and provides outstanding thermal insulation as well as good acoustic performance and they count with the ECOSE® Technology for the binder with no added Formaldeheyde, low product emissions, low embodied energy, no artificial dyes added.

Heraklith – Wood wool insulation panels

Heraklith Wood Wool panels are lightweight, easy and time-saving to install, and made mainly with wood certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).



Impact sound insulation materials

The Regupol comfort Range includes CE-certified impact sound insulation products made of elastomer composites and an elastic, mass-increasing levelling fill. It was developed for solid timber construction and refurbishment projects, in which existing installation heights can lead to limitations.

ATI Building airtightness

Building airtightness is the elimination of all unintended gaps and cracks on the external envelope of the building. Airtightness is an essential part of creating a healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient living environment.

Airtight construction not only saves a lot of money in the long term, but also increases living comfort. The main advantages are: save energy and heating costs which means less CO2 emissions, no structural damage due to hidden mould, better indoor air quality (dust, pollen, odours), less pollutants from outside, ventilation systems work more efficiently and better sound insulation.



Homeseal LDS portfolio

Knauf Insulation Homeseal LDS portfolio includes 100% recyclable breather and vapour control membranes, with system sealing tapes and kits to ensure airtightness of building envelope on the internal and external side.


Insulating profiles

The insulating profiles made of polyamide 66 are designed to improve the thermal separation for windows, doors and facades made of aluminum and in this way contribute to the thermal insulation of the composite elements both in summer and winter.

AUT Home and building automation

Having an intelligent house or building that uses tools such as domotics is a decision that brings not only personal benefits, but also collective ones and helps to make society aware of sustainability and the environment. The main objective of home automation is to provide comfort, well-being and security to all members of the family. Here, family habits and routines are merged with the system of lights, heating, locks, air conditioning and irrigation systems, among others, to contribute directly to energy saving and ecology. 


Sense – Nature-smart IoT connection

PHYSEE SENSE digitises your building into a digital twin and we equip your building with SmartWindows. This allows them to generate a continuous understanding of the impact of the outdoor climate on the indoor climate. PHYSEE implement thier nature-smart building management platform that turns your building into a living, healthy and sustainable smart building:

  • Reduce energy consumption with up to 30%
  • Drastically improve comfort and well-being
  • Reduce productivity losses with up to 20%
  • Have the insights to become a smart organisation


BPH Biophilia


Biophilia is our sense of connection with nature. It can change human attitude, behaviors and positively reduce the so-called ‘Sick building syndrome’, whereby people suffer from health symptoms linked to the buildings in which they spend time. The biophilic patterns can be designed for several purposes, such as lowering the temperature of indoor spaces, removing VOC particles, improving air cooling, and cleaning indoor and outdoor water.




Stone-fiber based products

Urbanscape products retain water in the soil and reduce the water consumption. Green cubes, flocks and rolls are made of natural mineral fibres with no additives or binders.


Jiffy Pot DK2C

The Jiffy Pot DK2C is manufactured from peat, wood pulp and a little lime in order to adjust the pH of the peat. The products are available in many different designs and sizes. The purpose of the product is to propagate and grow plants. The pots are designed to be planted directly into the earth and to disappear after some time.

ECP Ecological paints

An ecological paint is made from principally vegetable or mineral-based raw materials which are renewable and non-toxic. An ecological paint therefore has a limited impact on the environment and is characterised by its absence of toxic substances for the user.


Titan Natural Paint 

TITAN NATURAL is a range of ‘no mineral’ paints and coatings based on last technology biomass emulsions. Especially designed for use in construction and decoration. Suitable for walls and ceilings, facades, interior and exterior use.


Ekotex Ecologisch interior wall paint

The interior wallpaint is made with biobased resources. For construction, restoration and repainting. Designed to be streak-free and suitable for offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, health resorts, living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, etc.

IAP Indoor air purification

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the air quality within and around buildings and structures. IAQ is known to affect the health, comfort, and well-being of building occupants. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to sick building syndrome, reduced productivity, and impaired learning in schools.



Aeroplant – Nature-based air purification

AeroPlant is a nature-based air purification unit using the power of plants to filter and treat air. A low-energy fan actively sucks in air to push it through an absorbing root substrate to then guide it through the plant foliage, releasing fresh and healthy air. AeroPlant also cooles and humidifies air – especially pleasant during winter’s heating season and hot summer days!
Removes harmful pollutants like formaldehyde, benzol etc.

IAQ Indoor air quality

If you want to optimize the air inside the house, air monitoring will offer information about its quality: find out about an adequate device for this, to identify polluting substances and avoid putting your health or comfort at risk. CO2 is exhaled by people and is a suitable indicator to detect when it is necessary to ventilate.



Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor measures temperature, CO2 , humidity and noise. It tells you what you need to adjust to create a healthier enviroment.

RHF Radiant heating floor



Radiant systems heat the floor, and that heat radiates up and is absorbed by other objects in the room, helping to warm the entire space efficiently.



Ideal Eco underfloor heating

Recycled 30mm wood fibre, panel-based underfloor heating system. Jupiter Ideal Eco is the one of the very few underfloor heating systems made from an entirely natural product. Rather than being made from polystyrene, the 30mm thick IDEAL ECO system panels are made from fibrous wood waste. 

As well as being manufactured from a sustainable material the system also provides acoustic deadening qualities in one product where otherwise additional products or services would be required.

THE Thermostats



Thermostats favour both energy efficiency and comfort, they program temperature level and turn-on/turn-off times correctly. With a smart thermostat, you can control your home’s heating remotely with a smartphone or tablet. You can programme your heating to come on at a certain time, at a particular temperature and in the rooms of your choice. Some of them can even work out how long it takes to heat your home as well, taking into account the outside temperature, meaning you can really nail maximum cosiness just in time for when you arrive home.

Not only does having a smart thermostat make controlling your heating system more convenient, it should also save you energy and money as you can programme the heating to come on only when you need it.



Wired and Wireless Smart Thermostats

The products is valid for boilers without thermostat or boilers connected to a wired or wireless thermostat to be replaced by a new smart thermostat. It will control your heating with the tado° app. It is available for apartments and independent homes. Compatible for almost all heating systems from different manufacturers.


Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Thermostat for boiler and heating 

Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Thermostat that connects to your boiler to control, program and automate the temperature of your home. It schedule and create automations and scenes to intelligently regulate the temperature and reduce the energy consumption of your home Manual / Automatic temperature regulation. Adjustable temperature range from 5ºC to 35ºC. With frost protection and open windows function.

VEN Ventilation

A good ventilation ensures healthy air quality and comfort in the home. Besides, if a heat recovery system is installed, rather than just extracting air and replacing it with the air from outside, the system draws the heat from the extracted air and passes it to the air which is being filtered in from outside. The extract and supply air do not flow within the same pipes and there would be no cross contamination of the different air flows. 


ComfoAir ventilation solutions

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery ComfoAir combines a channel counter flow heater exchanger with the very latest in low energy dc silent fan technology achieving the very highest standards. Energy from the outgoing air is transferred to the incoming air. This works both ways so if the outside temperature is higher than inside the exchanger helps to maintain a constant pleasant climate. It uses high quality large surface area filters that ensure a clean air supply. A properly tuned comfort ventilation system prevents CO2 build up with out the need to open windows. It can be fitted in suspended ceilings, horizontally in boxing over kitchen cupboards, vertically in a larder unit, or a utility room or garage. They can supply ventilation demands from 30 to 6000m³/h.



TQ-Air Heat recovery ventilation ducts

TQ-Air is an insulated and round ducting system for indoor cold/fresh air distribution applied in Heat Recovery Ventilation systems. The rigid and light weight ducting system is designed to integrate both thermal and acoustic insulation in a single pre-fabricated solution. The product consists of polyolefin insulation foam with a vapour tight cell structure in a mechanically strong and impact resistant PE outer casing.


Technical solutions: Thermo-tek and Fire-teK 

Knauf Insulation’s Thermo-teK® and Fire-teK® are mineal wool products for technical thermal insulation and passive fire protection in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). They use formaldehyde-free binding agent ECOSE® Technology. It allows to reduce energy consumption during manufacture and improve the energy balance of the finished product, thus providing excellent indoor air quality.