Circular Measures and Products

EEW Energy efficient windows

It is recommended the double-glazed casement, tilt-and-turn windows and HR+++ or HR++ glass (3 or 2 panes of glass separated by an insulating gas). Very well insulated windows help save energy and increase comfort.


Wood-aluminum window frame

Low maintenance wood and aluminum tilt-and-turn windows. The advantages of aluminum and wood are combined in one single frame.


Recycled aluminum window

Heroal Aluminum window systems are designed for various applications and certified by the Institute of Window Technology in Germany. Due to modular profile systems, U-values for different requirement up to passive house are possible.


Aluminium curtain wall system

The AA 100 Q aluminium curtain wall system of Kawneer is designed for simple set up and mount and a large number of possible variations. Variable configurations include: type of water drainage, compartment or channel drainage, and which cover strips to use for the outside of the facade. Different facade solutions are possible in terms of design, anti-theft, fire resistance and (hidden) movable parts.


Wooden windows, doors, and frames

A Vihrea product is composed of high-quality and durable materials and components. All Vihrea products are certified and randomly tested by the SKH-SHR. Affiliated carpentry factories produce and supply the concept. They adhere to the concept and prescribed components of the Vihrea partners.

ESM Energy smart meters

A smart meter is another way you can potentially reduce your carbon footprint. Utilising one you can easily see how much energy you are using via a digital display, and so adapt your energy use accordingly. It also cuts out having to send meter readings to your energy company or have someone come to your house.


Wibeee Home

Wibeee Home Cloud it’s a platform designed for the visualization of household electric consumption in an easy and intuitive way. It allows knowing the individualized consumption of each domestic appliance and detecting savings opportunities. Wibeee offers three lines of product for your house: One, Box and Plug. With them you can adapt to all types of installations and different electrical appliances, to have total control of your energy consumption. The Wibeee Plug it’s an electricity meter in pulg format. The Wibeee One is a electricity meter in compact format. Wibeee Box is a electricity meter with clamps.

GRW Green walls and roofs

A green roof or facade buffers and absorbs rainwater, insulates the home, increases biodiversity and reduces the heat island effect. Evaporating water cools the home and makes solar panels more efficient.



Green wall

iPanel Integral system for green walls with a proper bigdata based management system


Climate sensitive green roof and green walls

Urbanscape Green Roof System – an innovative, lightweight and easy to install system with high water retention capacity, designed for green roofs on residential, non-residential and industrial buildings in urban areas.

Urbanscape Green wall is the integration of plants and water with built form.


Ecologic green roof, green wall

They reduce the interior temperature of a building in summer to 5ºC, as well as keep it in winter, saving up to € 500 / m2 per year (Akira Hoyano, profesor del Tokyo Institute of Technology).

HCG Hot water, Heat and/or cold generation



It is important to replace Domestic Hot Water, heating and cooling systems using fossil fuels with others using renewable energy. It is advisable to install electrical systems and combine them with renewable energies.

Biomass heating is also a desirable low-carbon heating option because the carbon dioxide emitted when wood is burned is the same amount that was absorbed while the tree was growing. This process is sustainable so long as new plants continue to grow in place of those used for fuel. Meanwhile, the carbon emissions due to cultivation, manufacture and transportation will still be much lower than emissions from fossil fuels if you use a local source.



iCEM – Intregrated Climate energy module

Factory Zero is focused on the development of components for high energy efficient retrofits and new builds. The iCEM is a compact, integrated Climate Energy Module that provides the home with a conditioned indoor climate (ventilation, heating and hot tap water). Optionally, the iCEM can be expanded with PV panels (to be installed externally), a matching inverter and cooling function.


Biomass boiler

Woodco is a world leader in design and manufacture of a wide range of Biomass Boiler systems for homes, farms, hospitality and other businesses.


Technical solutions: Thermo-tek and Fire-teK 

Knauf Insulation’s Thermo-teK® and Fire-teK® are mineal wool products for technical thermal insulation and passive fire protection in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). They use formaldehyde-free binding agent ECOSE® Technology. It allows to reduce energy consumption during manufacture and improve the energy balance of the finished product, thus providing excellent indoor air quality.


RES Renewable energies

It is important to replace Domestic Hot Water, heating and cooling systems using fossil fuels with others using renewable energy. It is advisable to install electrical systems and combine them with renewable energies. 24 m² of solar panels (south) convert solar energy into 4,800 kWh of electricity that can be used in the home or fed back to the main grid. Roofs with a southeasterly to southwesterly orientation are often very suitable for PV panels.


BIPV – Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Photovoltaic modules architectonic integration, also named “Solar Architecture” or “BIPV” (Building Integrated Photovoltaics), is defined as the installation of those photovoltaic modules that keep a double function; energetic and architectonic (coating, enclosure or shading) and replace conventional constructive elements too or can be constituents elements of the architectonic composition.


Glass-glass solar modules for building integrated photovoltaic panels 

High quality and efficient glass-glass solar modules that can be used for various applications such as rooftops, façades, carports, and ground-mounted.


Swift Rooftop Wind Energy System

Silent rooftop-mountable wind turbine, capable of providing a cost-effective renewable energy source for domestic, community and industrial use. The SWIFT can be grid-connected for embedded power generationor alternatively linked to an immersion water heating system. Rated power output at 12 m/s: 1.5kW. Start-up speed: 2.3 m/s’.


Compact water heater and solar panel

The ‘compact’ systems have the solar collector and the water tank together. It is a passive system, which means that no pump or other external devices are necessary. It is a very good solution, if we do not have electricity available. The water is heated up directly by the solar collector, with almost no losses in the heat transfer from the solar panel to the water storage tank. The compact system is more simple (less components) and economical than a pumped one.

SHW Shading

In the summer months, overheating can occur since direct sunlight enters through the windows. It is important to avoid the latter, by using sunscreens such as overhangs, slats, awnings, blackout curtains or deciduous vegetation.


Blinds and Sun Louvre Systems

Hunter Douglas blinds have been designed for easy mounting, smooth operation, reliability, and exceptional durability. The system EOS® 500 features a modular design for small to large Roller Blind sizes. EOS® Plissé and Duette® Shades cover fixed, sliding and tilt&turn windows. Hunter Douglas provides architects the knowledge and expertise to integrate blinds or other Sun Control Systems into the building architecture.


Roller shade system

Mecho/5 Manual Shade System is a manual window shade lift system that works in standard commercial window applications and performs exceptionally well with large or multi-banded shades. Mecho/5x Manual Shade System is able to lift larger, heavier commercial grade solar shades. Mecho/7 Manual Shade System is a customizable lift assist mechanism.


ElectroShade motorized roller

ElectroShade motorized roller shade systems provide power and performance to create an optimal shade lift experience that is smooth and quiet. They include networked components and flexible control options designed to be configured for on-or-off-site operation and to maximize building and occupant performance.


Versoleil™ SunShade Outrigger System for curatin wall

The Versoleil™ SunShade Outrigger System is a sunshade system pre-engineered for multiple Kawneer curtain wall systems. The system is designed to provide increased aesthetics, shading, and energy-saving potential through dozens of combinations of outriggers, louver blades, and fascia caps. Blade options are highly configurable and designed to provide shading and energy-saving potential.

TIN Thermal Insulation

There are several ways to insulate buildings, both on the inside and outside (best option), and both of them will achieve a remarkable reduction in energy consumption, with greater comfort and lower costs. In existing buildings, roof insulation is often installed between purlins. Facade insulation can be improved by filling the cavity in the wall with insulation, but to create a well-insulated facade the most common solutions are insulating panels.



Rock mineral wool with Ecose Technology

The Rock Mineral Wool slabs offer exceptional fire performance characteristics, as well as excellent thermal and acoustic properties and they count with the ECOSE® Technology for the binder with no added Formaldeheyde, low product emissions, low embodied energy and no artificial dyes added. 

Glass mineral wool with Ecose Technology

The Glass Mineral Wool is made up to 80% recycled glass, is lightweight, easily installed and provides outstanding thermal insulation as well as good acoustic performance and they count with the ECOSE® Technology for the binder with no added Formaldeheyde, low product emissions, low embodied energy, no artificial dyes added.

Heraklith – Wood wool insulation panels

Heraklith Wood Wool panels are lightweight, easy and time-saving to install, and made mainly with wood certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).



Rainscreen systems and ventilated facades

Customised solutions for rainscreen systems or ventilated facades in response to specific requests and problems, by engineering and implementing all kinds of architectural ideas in the field of building envelope design.


Isolgreen natural fibres thermal insulation

The Isolgreen® product range is based on recycling natural fibres used to manufacture insulation for the construction trade. Applications include façades and outer walls, wooden floors, partition walls or roofs. Isolgreen® is designed to meet acoustic and thermal insulation requirements.


Woodfiber AIR loose-fill insulation

Woodfiber AIR is a loose-fill insulation material made from wooden fibres, meant for installation in horizontal as well as vertical constructions. The product is suitable for new buildings as well as for renovation projects.