• adhesive 
  • special adhesive for walls
  • binder material
  • reflective material
  • scissors
  • coloured yarn
  • milk cartons
  • wooden strips (optional) 


If you want to insulate your house from the inside and save energy, follow these instructions: 

  1. Cut out the back of the milk cartons so that you can put things inside, like a box.
  2. Cut the yarn into a suitable size and also the small pieces of reflective material, and tuck them into the milk cartons.
  3. Fill the cartons with binder material and apply pressure to compact the mixture. Let it dry.
  4. Once dry, remove outer cartons and put them away.
  5. Starting at the bottom, glue the first row of bricks to the wall.
  6. At the top of the bottom row, fix the next row of bricks together and also to the wall at. And continue doing so up to the top.

You can try different combinations to place the bricks.