• waste stuff to sift the daylight: coffee capsules, bottle tops
  • clamps and clips
  • transparent yarn
  • rail-type fastening system
  • scissors


The curtain sifts sunlight. In summer, it will block direct sunlight, preventing from entering the house and, thus, it will maintain a lower temperature indoors. In winter, the flow of heat reverses if compared to summer, as this flow occurs from the inside to the outside. The curtain will retain heat, preventing the air from getting cold. How to make this curtain?

  1. Choose those elements that you have at home, coffee capsules, bottle tops or any other that can be useful. 
  2. Make a small hole in each of them, big enough to insert the transparent yarn. 
  3. Attach the rail to the window or door you want to cover.
  4. Join the elements with yarn, through strips long enough to cover the window or door. 
  5. Once you have the desired length, grab the strip by one side with the clamp.
  6. Hang the strips on the rail. 

From now on, you will no longer have any window without curtains!